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Medical Equipment

In order to provide high quality medical services, we ensure that we have elite medical equipment. Our medical equipment is technologically advanced to keep up with the modern technologies that are being experienced in various industries including medical sector. Our elite medical equipment consists of respiratory and oxygen supply, enteral feeding equipment and products, intravenous infusion therapy, DME, wound care supplies, and diabetes supply and products. Our sales members and highly trained respiratory therapists are available to assist you in meeting and learning about your respiratory needs.

Medical Services

Respiratory equipment and 02 supply

✓ Caters for all needs of patients that have respiratory problems.
✓ Suitable for patients of all ages.
✓ Ensures consistent supply of clean oxygen throughout the treatment process.
✓ Humidifiers and nebulizers to CPAP/BIPAP and home ventilators.

Medical Services

Enteral feeding equipment and products

✓ Premium nutritional formulas from top brands (Abbott, Nestle, Nutricia).
✓ Specialty nutritional products for babies with milk allergies.
✓ For patients with feeding and swallowing problems.
✓ Ensures that patients are supplied with all the necessary food nutrients.

Medical Services

Intravenous Infusion Therapy

✓ We provide this service through our partner company: Boston Home Infusion.
✓ Universally used for all blood related treatment process.
✓ For delivery of total parenteral nutrtion (TPN) at patient's home.
✓ For delivery of intravenous antibiotics at patient's home.

Medical Services

DME: Wheelchair, Walker, etc..

✓ To improve the quality of living of our patients.
✓ Specialty products requested by your doctor to help with activities of daily living.
✓ We offer rental and sale services.
✓ Include hospital beds, wheelchairs, catheters, nebulizers, and oxygen tanks to name a few.

Medical Services

Wound care supplies

✓ For all your wound care supply.
✓ Diabetic wounds, traumatic and injury related wounds, and postoperative wounds.
✓ Facilitates the healing of wounds by keeping them clean and well cared for.
✓ Keep the bacteria completely away from the wound thus making it heal faster.

Medical Services

Diabetes supply and products

✓ For all diabetic patients.
✓ Includes: Glucometer, insulin pens, lancet and syringes
✓ Premium Insulin pumps.
✓ Specialty diabetic footwear.