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Nursing Services

The ability to take care of your loved ones within their home setting is priceless. It is our goal to provide a superior home care experience to international patients as we provide excellent home care nursing service; enhancing the lives of many.

Medical Services

Elite Nursing

✓ Elite Medical at Home’s nurses are licensed professionals with rich educational backgrounds and work experience.
✓ You can rest assured that our nurses will discreetly and skillfully provide you with a full range of personalized care, which may include education and support on disease management and medication, pain management, wound care, IV infusion, and postoperative care.
✓ Elite Medical’s nurses work closely with you, your family and hospital team to help carry out your treatment plan and ensure you meet your medical goals.

Medical Services

Elite Pediatric Nursing Program

✓ The Elite pediatric nursing program features a group of carefully selected nurses who specialize in the treatment of infants, children and adolescents with a wide array of complex medical issues.
✓ Our pediatric nurses are skilled in providing these young patients with the top quality home medical care they need and deserve.
✓ In addition, our pediatric nurses spend a significant amount of time educating and supporting families by designing home care plans to help families meet their child’s special needs.

Medical Services

Elite Home Health Assistance

✓ To ensure that you or your loved one feels safe and cared for, we can assign home caregivers to help you in your home setting.
✓ Our home health aides assist with simple tasks such as bathing, grooming, light housekeeping, light meal preparation and companionship when venturing out of the home.
✓ This service is perfect for situations where you have to undergo a certain treatment or just need an extended period of bed rest.
✓ Through this service, we can help give you and your family a break from your home care-giving responsibilities.