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What our clients say about us

Staff are dedicated, reliable and caring. I want to express my thanks and say, great job Elite Medical!

A. A

After my son was sent home from the hospital, his doctor wrote for skilled nursing visits, Elite medical provided all supplies needed. They also sent their nurses 3 times a week. They did a fantastic job. We were glad that our Embassy (UAE) choose Elite as our home care provider.

M. B

I can’t say enough about Elite Medical. They are the best. Their staff is courteous and professional.

M. A

I had always wanted to leave the UAE for Medical treatment in the U.S., but after hearing of the many difficulties faced by patients seeking international treatments, I became a bit skeptical about the whole idea. Although I had searched for convenient alternatives but couldn’t find any….Until I came across Elite Medical and I was blown away.
From setting up an appointment, providing medical supplies to treatments, they took care of everything and made sure I was always comfortable. Their concierge service is a cut above the rest and second to none. The Elite Medical team handled everything effectively and I didn’t have to lift a finger. Hiring Elite Medical has been a truly amazing experience for me.

S. A